How To Celebrate Your Birthday Alone

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deocrations for spending birthday alone

Let’s face it, it can be really hard to make birthday plans as an adult, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating! There are tons of ways to make your birthday special for yourself, even if no one else can join. So let’s talk about how to celebrate your birthday alone, from taking a birthday solo trip abroad to planning a cozy day at home!

Cook Up Something Delicious

cupcakes, my favorite solo birthday snack

It wouldn’t be a proper birthday without some delicious snacks or desserts! Even if you’re spending your birthday solo, you deserve birthday treats. Set aside time to make one of your favorite recipes, or make it the night before so it’s ready to enjoy in the morning.

I like to make my favorite noodle dish, spicy vegan japchae, for pretty much every special occasion. If you need some dessert inspo, these black bottom cupcakes are a personal favorite of mine that I have every birthday! Or, you know, if baking isn’t your thing you could always pick up a birthday cake from a local bakery!

Experience Something Entirely New

We all have at least one thing we’ve always wanted to try but have never made a priority. For you, it may be skydiving, taking a dance class, or performing at an open mic night. The nice thing about spending your birthday solo is that when it comes to making plans you only need to consider what you want to do.

Go See A Play, Concert, Or Movie

This year for my birthday I went and saw a live performance of A Christmas Carol at a local off-Broadway theatre and I was not disappointed! I laughed, I cried (like, way more than I probably should have), and I made a precious memory that I’ll always cherish. If plays aren’t your thing, see if any concerts or music events are going on in your area. Maybe check out a local band or attend an emo night. If all else fails, see if any independent movie theaters near you might be screening something special!

Meet New People

If you find yourself celebrating your birthday alone, it might be time to expand your friend group! You could always see if any fun events are happening on Facebook or Meetup, as these can be great ways to meet some new people who share your interests.

You could also set up a friend date using apps like Bumble BFF, or my personal favorite, Hey! Vina. You can also use this app to join or host an event, and it can be anything from meeting up at the dog park to having drinks at a rooftop bar! I just checked mine to see what events are going on near me and there’s a Gilmore Girls trivia night coming up! How fun! If you want my advice, I suggest hosting a communal birthday party that anyone who shares your birth month can attend!

Have A Movie Marathon

Metropolis playing on my living room tv

Another fun way you can celebrate your birthday alone is by having a movie marathon. This one is especially good for my ladies who like keeping things low-key! This is the perfect opportunity to binge that Netflix tv series you’ve been meaning to watch or to rewatch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row.

Maybe it’s time to revisit some of your favorite movies from your childhood! While you’re at it, when was the last time you made a blanket fort in your living room? If you aren’t making forts while sipping your favorite bottle of wine you are missing out, my friend!

Treat Yourself To Something Nice

I think we need to normalize getting ourselves gifts. Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time but couldn’t justify buying until now, or maybe you want to spend the day going on a little shopping spree.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been dying to get a new tattoo or piercing. Getting yourself something you’ll love is a great way to show yourself a little kindness, which is something most of us don’t do nearly enough.

Get Pampered

Chances are you could use a good spa day! Life is stressful, and your birthday is the perfect time to wash away some of that stress. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, a pedicure, or a trip to the sauna. For a few years, my tradition was to try out a new haircut every birthday, which was always so fun!

But you don’t have to leave home to have a self-care day. If you enjoy a nice hot bath you’ve got to try these Japanese bath minerals that basically turn your tub into a hot spring! When you’re done, make a simmer pot for some free (and ultra-relaxing) aroma therapy.

Take A Vacation (Or Staycation!)

I’ve always said taking a solo trip is the best thing you can do for yourself. Traveling alone can seem scary at first, but it can also be so empowering and rewarding. My first solo trip to Iceland changed my life forever, in the best possible way.

I know we can’t all take a trip to Europe at the drop of a hat, but a smaller trip may be a little more doable. If you think you’d like to take a birthday solo trip, check out these 31 solo travel safety tips for solo female travelers.

Taking a 2 or 3-day to NYC, Seattle, or one of your bucket list destinations is a great way to make your birthday special for yourself, but if that isn’t possible, a staycation can be just as memorable. Book a stay at a nice hotel and spend the day being a tourist in your own town!

Start Pursuing A Personal Goal

New year, new you, as the old saying goes. Maybe this is the year you start writing a novel, or training for a marathon, or pursuing whatever that dream that haunts you may be. This could be something as simple as finally reading War & Peace, or something as ambitious as starting a new career! There’s no better time than the present.

I spent years dreaming of starting a blog, and I am incredibly proud of myself for finally making the leap this year. If you think you might be interested in starting a blog, I recommend choosing a hosting plan through Big Scoots, as well as subscribing to this blog as I will be going over how to get started with blogging in future posts!

Enjoy The Solitude

tea and journal on bedspread perfect for a relaxing birthday alone

A lot of people don’t realize it, but spending time alone can be genuinely fun! What better gift could you give yourself than an entire day dedicated to only doing the things you love? If you’re celebrating your birthday solo this year, this is the perfect time to get back in touch with the things that make you who you are.

Allow yourself to sleep in. Take a walk out in nature or have a picnic. Make time to paint, crochet, or enjoy that hobby you used to love. Write in your journal, meditate, and listen to music that makes you nostalgic for the good old days. Savor this precious time to yourself, and appreciate how amazing you are!

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  1. Excellent encouragement for singles. I didn’t marry until I was 46 and I’m so glad I enjoyed many exciting adventures. You are a blessing Nena.

  2. Great suggestions! I love buying myself a single slice of carrot cake from the grocery store to celebrate alone. I also will treat myself to a pedi and indulge in some retail therapy.

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